Operations & Management Service

More and more companies are including managed services as part of their IT best practices. Companies understand the value of managed services as it ensures efficiency, accountability and alignment between business strategies and enabling services while reducing costs and minimizing risks. Managed services allows management to budget effectively and assign in-house resources to focus on more business critical projects rather than managing day-to-day tasks. With the flexibility of managed services comes quick implementation of technology, expertise, and compliance.

Remote Monitoring (NOC / SOC)

The reliability of your network is essential to the success of your business. SBS, MNS, you can deliver consistent network performance without hiring, training and retaining expensive network management staff, NOC services as an extension of your business. Optimize performance and availability network, reduce upfront costs, and free up valuable IT resources to focus on core business initiatives.
Pedestal’s monitoring solution is a custom-built, cloud-managed service which has eyes on your network 24/7. A small appliance sits on your premise (or virtual appliance in the event your infrastructure is cloud-based) running both reactive and proactive tools to ensure the health of your network.
Our software is hosted in the cloud, and is highly available and adaptive. It collects data and learns measurements for one day. If there is variance greater than a user configurable value, it alerts you to the issue. It can also be integrated with your current monitoring software so you can keep your existing alerting and response workflows.

Fully Managed Networks

The costs of network maintenance and updates increase in step with network usage.
Pedestal can fully remotely-manage your enterprise LAN remotlely, helping to reduce total cost of ownership.

Outsourcing makes good business sense for many companies because these services are contextual—not central to the business. Often a company begins by engaging a service provider for a managed WAN service, adds a managed LAN service, and then later adds managed IP telephony. With a managed LAN service, Pedestal can remotely maintain and monitor your company’s internal network.

Infrastructure Security Solutions (SOC)

Insert your content Provide comprehensive IT infrastructure Security Services including Web Security, Email Security, Server Security, SIEM & Gateway Security.