Network Design & Professional Services

Network Design & Professional Services

The growing trend of cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) makes it imperative for IT to become more interconnected and able to manage its own operations. Helping you to refine, structure and automate the workflow for seamless service delivery is Enterprise Service Management (ESM) for IT.

Pedestal’s ITIL expertise combined with years of experience in ESM will define effective, standardized processes that you can easily integrate with your IT service delivery organization. Success is dependent on the level of integration and adoption within the larger IT organization.

Our key business focus areas lie in:

  • Streamlining effective ESM solutions
  • Implementation and management of key IT Service Management processes such as Incident, Change, Release, Problem, Configuration Management & Asset Management.
  • Implementation of ESM solutions with process maturity & technological sophistication

Enterprise Networks

Enterprise networks are faced with multiple, often conflicting challenges. CIOs are tasked with the job of providing a reliable infrastructure that not only enables smooth operation of the enterprise IT, but also must support its product and service offerings. It is a struggle to drive innovation and deliver services with strained IT budgets; and the resources utilized on disparate legacy systems hinder the ability to meet new application requirements. These challenges are magnified with the explosive growth in smart devices, raising the complexity to maintain a secure, robust network.

At Pedestal, we believe that some simple steps towards network transformation are critical to achieve operational efficiency, better economics, and enabling the network to support innovation in this ever changing environment.

Key components of a network transformation start with a unified solution built on a pragmatic design principles.

Cloud Infrastructure Management & Services

We believe that fully automated infrastructures are one of the primary success factors
for companies implementing configuration management and enforcing consistency. We treat infrastructure as code to build a self-serviced deployment platform. We are experts in various automation tools like Chef, Ansible, Jenkins, Cloudformation, Docker, Vagrant and more to detect and respond to performance anomalies before they cause any service disruption. It’s just what you’d expect from the best managed cloud company.

We are strong advocates of Agile practices like Continuous Integration and Continuous
Delivery. Using tools like Jenkins, Docker, and Chef, we are able to build deployment
pipelines that are highly efficient and fast paced. Our implementation provides visibility into the production readiness of applications by giving feedback on every change to a

Data Center Management Solutions & Services

Pedestal helps startups build and manage a winning data center strategy. Our experiences engineering team helps you to build and manage a cutting-edge data center for current and future needs. Our expertise in multiple verticals enables us to craft winning solutions with lower latency, higher uptime while being adaptable to changing service needs.

Pedestal Design Principles

There are a number of ways to “correctly” design a network.  We’ve found that by designing top-down design principles that all of our engineers live and die by are the best ways to not only adhere to these principles but to achieve simplicity and consistency, but also to help you select a vendor who best aligns with your own principles.

Asset & Change Management: Information Technology is evolving at an amazing speed. This growing, complex environment presents several challenges for IT departments particularly in maintaining control of IT assets. This core need of businesses can be efficiently achieved by implementing asset management and CMDB .

Automation: Pedestal Automation allows your IT department to do incredible things. Apart from automating your daily support tasks, our automation helps you track, measure and process any unit of work through a set of integrated cloud IT service management applications that are easy to deploy and accessible any time, any place.

Portals & Dashboards: Guide your decision-making process by leveraging the right information through underlying ITSM systems that generate volumes of information. We can help you maximize your investment in its ITSM platform by setting up the right content management and dashboard.

Regulatory Adherence: The regulatory environment is rapidly changing. Traditional customer service tools are no longer working in a digitally connected service economy. Not being prepared can expose your organization to recurring compliance and audit failures, data breaches, IP losses, and service performance failure