Solving Your Most Complex Challenges

Pedestal Technology looks at solving your problems in a whole new way, asking why transformation is key for your business outcomes and opening the lines of communication so you can make informed decisions. Aligned with our core competencies, the Pedestal Way uniquely addresses your business needs.


Pedestal Technology’s Security Services enable you to align the structure of your organization’s security processes, systems, and user behaviors with your core goals and strategic direction. We’ll help you identify, manage and mitigate ongoing security risks to your data, enabling you to meet regulatory requirements and not be exposed to audit failures, data breaches, IP loss and service performance failure.

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  • Firewalls
  • Identity Management
  • Risk Register
  • Cyber Security Policy and Procedures
Data Science

Data Science

Our Data Science Services empower your knowledge workers and the people who make decisions — to take your data from disparate systems and visualize it any way they want. Using our business intelligence expertise, we build analytical tools and reporting on top of your infrastructure, helping you make effective business decisions faster and, in turn, grow your revenue.

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  • Dash Boarding and Big Data
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Warehousing
  • Data Maturity Assessments
  • DBA Services (i.e., ETL, Capacity Planning)


The costs of network maintenance and updates increase in step with network usage. Pedestal Technology’s Network Services provide you with planned, designed and fully managed, remote end-to-end enterprise LAN solution, helping you reduce total cost of ownership. Using our customer-built, cloud-managed monitoring capabilities, we can optimize your network’s performance and availability, reducing upfront costs, and freeing up valuable IT resources transforming your business. The key for an effective network transformation start with a unified solution built on realistic design principles.

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  • Routing and Switching
  • Wireless/Voice
  • Automation
  • Internet/Circuit


Providing a reliable infrastructure that not only enables smooth IT operations but also supports product and service offerings, as well as a variety of smart devices, can be a challenge for any organization. Pedestal Technology’s Infrastructure Services simplify your network transformation, making it easier for you to drive innovation, achieve operational efficiency and support critical services, while also staying in budget.

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  • Cloud
  • Tooling
  • Compute
  • Virtualization
  • Storage

Automation, Open Source and Cloud Journey

The easiest and most efficient way for your business to realize expected outcomes is to work smarter. Pedastal Technology’s Automation, Open Source and Cloud Journey Services helps you track, measure and process any unit of work through a set of integrated cloud IT service management applications that are easy to deploy and accessible any time, any place. Using predictive analytics, we create tool set unique to your business needs, making it easy for your team to work smarter, not just rely on technology.

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  • Fully Automated Infrastructures
  • Chef, Ansible, Jenkins, Cloud-formation, Docker and Vagrant
  • Agile Practices like Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery
Automation - Cloud