The Pedestal Difference

Many businesses see technology as the asset and their people as the expense. This is a misconception when wanting to achieve your business goals today. At Pedestal Technology, we understand that technology is only as good as the people who use it, day in and day out. Pedestal Technology takes a look at your unique business’s big picture to deliver out-of-the-box solutions that put the right technology into the hands of your knowledge workers, helping them work smarter — more efficient, more effective and able to accelerate decisions aligned to driving the mission of your business. Through our Business Services and Capabilities, we provide you with:
  • Improved technology efficiency and reliability
  • Focus on security and compliance
  • Proactive maintenance

Pedestal Technology’s 3 Tenets for Your Success

Many businesses see technology as a tool of their business, instead of a weapon to empower their teams to do more. Pedestal Technology believes that by focusing on how you work, instead of what technology you have, you can change your business. That’s why we focus on these 3 tenets to help you achieve success:
  1. Raise the service level – making it faster and more reliable to help you save money
  2. Mitigate risk – ensuring your technology, and how your workers use it, is up-to-date and secure
  3. Share participation – to unconstrain workers so they can be more powerful for the organization

It’s Not a Transaction. It’s a Journey.

At Pedestal Technology we do more than just sell technology. We’re on the journey with you. That’s why our team takes the time to understand your business, industry and overall company culture — along with your short and long-term goals. Using all of this we formulate an IT plan customized to you and your business. And, we keep it agile and scalable — so you are always on top of the ever-changing technology. This improves productivity, reduces total IT cost, and forges a seamless communications process that ensures results.

  • Frictionless exchange of information and value for the manager, producer and the consumer
  • Human gatekeepers are replaced with governance that curate the platform thru implementation of policies, APIs and SDK
  • Platform generates positive network effects for hypergrowth

Pedestal Technology is changing the industry by helping organizations move from the static workplace focused on transactions into an agile and collaborative environment that delivers, and even exceeds, expected outcomes.

Defined By Experience

The firms' founding officers spent a combined 60 years managing enterprise technology before launching Pedestal. We are a trusted source for mission critical technology management. Our results are customer driven. We are always developing reliable, cost-effective solutions that deliver real business results.