Experience Matters

With more than 60 years of combined IT enterprise experience, the Pedestal Technology team is committed to enabling its customers to transform their businesses by aligning how each employee handles the organization’s technology with business goals and objectives.

Pedestal Technology was created close the gaps created by organizations purchasing disparate IT products and services, resulting in those investments not working together and asynchronous with the business’ goals and objectives.

Our methodology embraces open communication during each step of the journey, creating a transparent process with total alignment — from senior executives to the end users. Using our unique communications approach, Pedestal Technology empowers organizations to improve productivity, reduce total IT cost, and forge a seamless communications process that ensures results. This is the Pedestal Way.

  • Frictionless exchange of information and value for the manager, producer and the consumer
  • Human gatekeepers are replaced with governance that curate the platform thru implementation of policies, APIs and SDK
  • Platform generates positive network effects for hypergrowth

Pedestal Technology is changing the industry by helping organizations move from the static workplace focused on transactions into an agile and collaborative environment that delivers and even exceeds, expected outcomes.

I’ve known Tim for 15 years. His technical knowledge is only rivaled by his business acumen. He and his team are first rate. You will be well served by partnering with Pedestal Technology.

Ryan McKeen

Pedestal Technology Team

Jay McDougall

Chief Executive Officer

Marcy Brucellaria

Owner and Chief Administrative Officer

Tim Quinn

Partner & Chief Innovation Officer

Brian Byrne


Kevin Carolan

VP, Sales and Business Development

Mike Hall

Chief DevOps

Jonathan Fowler

Data & Analytics Leader

Subha Ganapathi

Business Intelligence Developer

Ken Kempinski

VP, Sales & Business Development

Trischia Khouri

Director of Program Management

Christa Rhodes

BI Program Manager

Nancy Rice

VP, Field Operations

Don Ruskewich

Chief Collaboration Engineer Technical Lead

Bob Solimine

Customer Technical Lead

Anders Svensen

Leadership Development Program/Operations Coordinator

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