About Pedestal Technology

mission-critical technology management

It’s Not a Transaction. It’s a Journey

At Pedestal Technology we do more than just sell technology. We’re on the journey with you. That’s why our team takes the time to understand your business, industry and overall company culture — along with your short and long-term goals.

Using all of this we formulate an IT plan customized to you and your business. And, we keep it agile and scalable — so you are always on top of the ever-changing technology. This improves productivity, reduces total IT cost, and forges a seamless communications process that ensures results.

Our Mission

To deliver a holistic approach to technology that enables companies to align how their workforce uses technology and how that technology supports favorable outcomes for the business. Instead of technology merely being an acquisition of products, Pedestal takes our clients on an insightful journey into how they utilize, communicate and empower their team through their investment, opening doors to frictionless technology operations that drive success. We know this approach works, because we prove it every day, holding ourselves accountable for our own success and for yours.

Tell Us About Your Business

Contact us and tell us about your business. Together, we can align your business’s technology needs with Board Room expectations to deliver favorable results for your organization.