Pedestal Technology looks at solving your problems in a whole new way, asking why transformation is key for your business outcomes and opening the lines of communication so you can make informed decisions. Aligned with our core competencies, the Pedestal Way uniquely addresses your business needs.


Pedestal Technology’s Security Services enable you to align the structure of your organization’s security processes, systems, and user behaviors with your core goals and strategic direction. We’ll help you identify, manage and mitigate ongoing security risks to your data, enabling you to meet regulatory requirements and not be exposed to audit failures, data breaches, IP loss and service performance failure.


  • Firewalls
  • Identity Management
  • Risk Register
  • Cyber Security Policy and Procedures
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CRM, OLAP Cubes, and Business Intelligence

Customer Relationship Management, as a concept, brings together a number of various systems from functions across the business (sales, marketing, operations, external, etc) that allow the enterprise to create, maintain, and grow...
The Privacy Divide: Social Media and Personal Genomic Testing

The Privacy Divide: Social Media and Personal Genomic Testing

With every advance in technology comes a trade-off of some kind. Where the use of personally-identifiable information is concerned, the trade-offs typically involve the exchange of privacy and confidentiality for a non-monetary...