A lot of IT services companies can offer you services, whether they are good for your business of not. Pedestal Technology asks “Why” to open communication channels between executives and tech teams, aligns “How” your team uses technology to discover “What” you really need to realize favorable business outcomes.

IT System Assessments, Design and Deployment

Pedestal Technology’s Assessments, Design and Deployment services help you understand what you didn’t know about your business to keep your experts moving forward, instead of just solving yesterday’s problems. We take a look at your environment to discover your unique needs and provide you with the unique solutions and services that deliver your expected outcomes. 
  • Survey your environment
  • Detect any loose ends
  • Expose inefficiencies
  • Identify bottlenecks
  • Open communication streams
IT System Assessments, Design and Deployment

Managed Services

Utilizing our managed services enables you to budget effectively and assign in-house resources to focus on more business critical projects rather than managing day-to-day tasks. Our proactive IT solutions, support, and monitoring mean you’ll experience a lot fewer tech headaches and even less downtime, reducing costs and minimizing risks. With the flexibility of our managed services, we extend your business’ growth and profit opportunities.

Fully Outsourced “As-a-Service” Model

Outsourcing makes good business sense for many companies because these services are contextual —not central to the business. With Pedestal Technology’s managed LAN service, our staff can remotely maintain and monitor your company’s internal network at a fixed cost controlled by you. We handle the implementation, maintenance and reporting. 

Fully Outsourced “As-a-Service” Model

Programs, Projects & Transformation Management

Having a vision for your company and making it happen can sometimes be a daunting task without the right management in place. Pedestal Technology’s proven methodology enables us to understand every why, what and how of your programs, projects and business transformation, opening communication pathways and ensuring you stay on the track to success. 

Executive Communication

In order to effectively align your technology to your success goals, you need to have open communication channels from the board room to the data center. Pedestal Technology layers our projects with a communication plan that makes sure:

  • End users understand how the tech fits the mission of the company
  • Executives know how the technology affects constituency, and how knowledge works are using it to accomplish business outcomes

This shared participation in technology adoption empowers both executives and users to understand the role of their technology and to see how it is shaping the business’s success. 

How Can We Serve You?

Pedestal Technology is not your average technology provider. We’re your business partner, committed to your success. Let us know how we can serve you.